Data research for smart marketing decisions

You May have a Data Problem

Red Flags of Google Analytics accounts were found of nearly 150+ businesses across the industries during our survey.

The Hard Truth

  • Over 30% had obsolete tracking code.
  • Over 50% had misattributed data due to improper customised code.
  • Almost 50% were failing to use key features such as event tracking.
  • Over 30% were improperly tracking marketing campaigns.
  • Data clean-up settings had been misused by above 30%.

Z Raz Solutions’ Analytical Approach


All sources categorized into organized reports.


Visualization and consulting used to come up with robust strategy.


Clean Data translates to Reliable Data

Data Visualization & Representation

Making decisions based on numbers is not only the forte of scientists, for data visualization enables Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) to make decisions backed by numbers as it allows them to create a detailed picture regarding audience’s online behaviour. This research can be applied to the marketing campaign that can lead to increased conversion and revenue.

Be Heard

In floods of data, Z Raz Solutions data engineers are capable researching and finding insights that allow them to optimize factors that have significant impacts on campaigns. Armed with in-depth experience in cross-channel media marketing, data collection, and analysis, out experts are able to create consumer focused marketing campaigns. Regardless of the techniques we use such as predicting visitor conversion through machine learning algorithms or doing a straight up audience analysis, we research and build products that directly benefit out programs and clients.

Leaving the Best Impressions

Promoting and amplifying what makes our clients’ products and services unique among their competition is an important step towards establishing a long term value for our clients when running marketing campaigns. For this we prepare our teams and clients to handle data intelligently so they may understand their customer’s behaviour which can be used to make a difference where it is required. Through this algorithmically discovered research we build strategies that evolve and enhance over time.

What We Offer:

  • Quantitative analytics, Business Sense, Site Behaviour Tracking.
  • Decision science, Testing based on Multiple Variables, Content Customization, Media Optimization, New Customer Recognition & Identification.
  • Audience Behaviour Analysis, Engagement, and Interest.
  • Search Retargeting, and Automated Keyword Bidding Strategies, Conversion Attribution.
  • Cross-Platform and Cross-Device Mobile Campaign Outreach.

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