Content Marketing

An intelligent approach involving planning and implementation with the aim of combining the needs of both your business and your customers

Great Content will attract and maintain your customer base.

First and foremost you need to understand that content marketing is not some voodoo spell that will automatically make your business successful and keep it healthy.

The Philosophy of Content Marketing

To a diligent marketer, content creation is an exceptionally useful tool that can be used to build a bond with the customers along with meeting business goals in a consumer-first world. Expert content creators are well aware that the more their customers find their content intriguing, the stronger their loyalty will grow.

Substance vs. Structure

The first principle rule of content marketing is ‘Substance first, Structure second’. Regardless of what the form of the content, be it blog posts, guides, social media campaigns, videos or podcasts etc. it will only matter if it is something the consumer will deem worthwhile.
Content marketing should at the start primarily be about building trust between you and the customer. Provide your consumer with exceptional content, avoid a hard sell at all costs and then determine how you wish to distribute it. Good Content can hold sway over a customer and can lead to increase in your brand’s recognition.

Focused Approach

Our immensely skilled analysts, search experts and strategists wade through data and insights through extensive research and determine the factors that will help us in our endeavors. This allows us to ascertain your business problems and what content can solve it. With that done, we expertly plan regarding how all the content will work across multiple distribution platforms. With a set strategy in mind, we start our work.

Going Mobile

With extensive experience and several accolades under our belt for digital content creation, we hold the skills to create content for a fast mobile-first industry. With access to in-house expertise as well as external support there is no project that is outside our grasp. Working industriously to provide world class and cost effective content is part of our daily routine.

Sharing is Caring

Our campaigns are brought to life as we partner up with social and paid media teams who expertly optimize and make our content shareable for relevant consumers. Working closely with PR, social and marketing teams and researching what is trending, significant influencers and brand advocates are identified.

The Best Tools

Albeit producing first class content is the most important factor, it is the first step. Apart from the affordable and sharable content that our clients acquire from us, they also require the right tools to deploy this content properly. Z Raz Solutions has a turnkey content engine that is able to get content from numerous Content Management Systems (CMS) and optimize it for multi-platform distribution. This not only gets results but also holds all stakeholders to a higher level of accountability for content performance.


If flexibility is the word associated with your business, then you are on the right track. As times change and the interest of the consumer varies, you must be ever ready to evolve in order to accommodate the demands of the current times. It can take some time to evolve but with your staff skills unified with our resources and expertise, we can help you evolve into a smart and structured content creator.

Solid Benefits

In addition to customer satisfaction and credence in your brand, you will benefit from:

  • Enhanced search engine rankings.
  • Increased audience engagement: Social shares, more repeat visits and increase average time on page.
  • Traffic to your site through external linking.

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