Automated Marketing & Lead Growth

Increased lead quality and sales productivity, Reduced marketing overhead, Client and potential customer satisfaction

Complete automated email modulation and corresponding assets and message notifications that map to the purchase cycle and lead-scoring which further maps to business objectives.

Never sacrifice another good lead again.

70% of website visitors will make a purchase from you or a competitor.

Approximately 5% will make a purchase today.

What is to be done regarding the remaining 95%?

Answer: You use marketing automation to engage with them.

Marketing Automation

The term at its core represents trigger-based automated messages and is considered an upgrade from the basic opt-in email marketing though in a broader sense this term covers a number of areas. Marketing Automation provides:

  • Complete Automated email intonation: Message triggers that are relevant to your purchase cycle/marketing needs.
  • Lead-Scoring: Automatic lead ratings through assessing high quality prospects indicated by demographics and behaviors.
  • Hot Listing: Automatic categorizing of high-scoring prospects into special lists and/or campaigns.
  • Direct Integration with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Perfect Marketing Automation Candidates

Marketing automation leads to benefits for:

  • Resolute Businesses that use or need to integrate and maximize a CRM.
  • Websites that lack the knowledge to get long-term value out of their otherwise good content.
  • Any business that has a greater sales cycle than 6 months on an average.
  • Businesses that have ‘high consideration’ purchases for their products/services.

Marketing automation is essential for Sale Forces that:

  • Have an assertive outbound strategy.
  • Have difficulty understanding which prospects are popular.
  • Have systems that more active contacts that it can handle.

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