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  • Google AdWords account management [Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & pay-per-click (PPC)]
  • Yahoo AdWords account management [Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & pay-per-click (PPC)]
  • Microsoft AdCenter account management [Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & pay-per-click (PPC)]
  • Social Media Promotion (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Display & Retargeting / Remarketing
  • Image / Video Ad Creation

Social Media Advertisement

Social media offers another platform for your advertisement and promotion. The whole enormity of the internet is a potential place to advertise your message. Sponsoring videos on YouTube or using Twitter for paid placement through Vine, there are numerous innovative ways to reach your audience around the globe. Some of the biggest websites have core differences in their approach which are beneficial to understand:


  • Main focus is on business to consumer products/services.
  • Increase awareness, fans and acquisitions.
  • Using email addresses for retargeting to custom audience.


  • Predominately focuses on business to business products/services.
  • Currently the sole website to target individuals by job, title, industry and company.
  • Converts leads 4X better than those from other social media advertising outlets.


  • Covers both business-to-consumer and business-to-business products/services.
  • Target assessment through topical interest.
  • Measures interaction by device, location, gender and interest.


Two main methods of retargeting are:

1 – Site Retargeting:

The basic or ‘traditional’ approach that involves the retargeting of users that have already visited a site and helps in the growth of conversions by offering users better incentives to return to the website.

2 – Search Retargeting:

Based on relevant searches regarding the website in search engines, users are displayed ads. These users usually do not interact with the sites paid search ad or organic listing. Search retargeting allows advertisers to reach customers who would otherwise not visit the site.

Purpose of Retargeting

  • Users visit 1200+ websites on a monthly basis. Reminders and offers can prove helpful.
  • Around 98% of users leave a site without converting.
  • Out of all display advertisement methods, this creates the best return.
  • Highly cost effective and requires little investment to provide results.

Enhance Conversion rates and costs low on comparison shopping engines.

Google Shopping (previously known as Google Product Search), and are three of the most popular comparison-shopping engines (CSEs). With a place in their feeds, you can acquire:

  • Customers using prices and store ratings to compare your products.
  • Increased traffic from targeted consumers.
  • Product level bidding on cost-effective and high producing marketing channel.

Google Shopping actively pursuing the trend started by its Product Listing Ads (PLAs). Some distinct stats on PLAs since their inception in 2010:

  • 600% increase in traffic to advertisers
  • Twice the click-thru rate of text ads in the same location for these shopping queries
  • Conversion increase of 3.1%
  • Average order size increase of 5.5%
  • Total performance increase of 8.6%

These comparison engines are ‘pay to play’ similarly to sponsored search results. From this, businesses acquire more product exposure, increased brand recognition, and enhanced traffic compared to traditional pay-per-click or organic methods: increased conversion rates, expanded e-commerce revenue free of any technical roadblocks.

Z Raz Solutions will help you get ahead of the competition by taking care of the technicalities and appropriate management of spending. Using transparent metric to track Return on Investment (ROI), we provide results in real time.

Call Tracking

Calculate Web based phone calls, customer responses and cost-per-lead. Along with tracking lead sources, every call to your company can also be recorded for referencing and reviewing in the future. Keep up-to-date with the customers view and listen to what they are saying, how efficiently your employees are handling the latest leads and how can customer service be improved further.

Call Mining

An innovative attribute within call tracking, call mining allows us to mention specific keyword phrases during the phone call. With recording enabled, understand the outcome of calls, analyse trends and make alteration to your website accordingly. Call mining is not only cost effective but also allows you to save time by providing specific and relevant information without indulging the full call.

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