Privacy Policy Agreement

This Privacy Policy Notice details your rights to privacy regarding our collection, use, storage, sharing and protection of your personal information. This applies to all services provided by Z RAZ Solutions including the company’s website ( Please read the entirety of this Privacy Policy Notice carefully before making use of our services for Z RAZ Solutions requires acceptance of these terms without modification.

Z RAZ Solutions’ Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for Clients

  • Z RAZ SOLUTIONS ensures your copyrighted material will remain yours and will only assist you with your endeavours while respecting all your intellectual properties.
  • Z RAZ SOLUTIONS will never use your copyrighted intellectual property for any other use including reselling or use on other site or to provide it to someone else without your permission.
  • Z RAZ SOLUTIONS ensures that all information that you share including all intellectual properties and personal information will remain confidential.
  • Z RAZ SOLUTIONS ensure complete respect your business and will never contact any of your clients or their clients.

Particular conditions such as a valid court order or from another body of government or as requested by the law may allow the P2H to disclose only the legally required information including information that may be used to resolve any dispute between the client and the P2H.’

We are committed to Data Security

We have in place, state of the art physical, electronic, and managerial process that ensure the safeguarding of all the information we collect online from unauthorized access while maintaining data accuracy and proper use of information.

How Secure is Your Information With US?

We use the most advance and world class encryption and security measures to ensure complete protection of our member’s information and take extra precautions to prevent the mishandling and misuse or alteration of that information. Each packet of data that is passing through your computer to our website via HTTPs is authenticated and encrypted using 256 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This is the highest form of encryption available today and makes sure the information is quite unintelligible in case it is intercepted. A padlock appears on the bottom or top of your browser when you are on this website which signifies that you are currently on a secure link.

What information we Collect?

The following types of personal information are collected or submitted on the Z RAZ SOLUTIONS website through the product order page, product request page, and or other pages.

  • E-Mail Address
  • IP Address for Fraud Detection
  • Client Information Requests
  • Order-specific information, including source files and client notes
  • Information on referring sites through the use of cookies

How Your Information is used

The personal information that you provide while placing an order is only used to fulfill that particular order and is not shared anywhere else. Your provided e-mail address in the contact/order form is only used to update you on your current order or to send Z RAZ Solutions Newsletters occasionally and is not used for any other purpose nor shared with anyone else. Only for the purpose of enhancing the design of the website and to share it with advertisers, non-identifying, aggregated information is used. For example, we may disclose to any advertisers that a number of individuals have visited our website without providing any information that may lead to the identification of those individuals. Lastly we do not share any information that may allow in your identification and provide you with the functions and opportunities to opt out of our membership at any given time.

How Can You Edit Your information?

By sending us a request regarding a valid error in your factual information you can have it corrected.For your own security, we will first provide steps to verify your identity before granting access or making corrections.If you have any further question regarding Z RAZ Solutions and the services we provide, please complete the contact form.
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