Persistent Presence Online

Marketers mostly tend to spend a significant amount of time and effort on their websites homepages without realizing that there is a high probability that visitors won’t even open or go to them. People often use search engines to go directly to the pages of their interest. This is the reason why an exhaustive and in-depth search engine optimization strategy has monumental importance in order to remain visible on the World Wide Web. The steps we take to ensure SEO growth for our clients are:

  • Using comprehensive SEO analysis and robust strategy to identify opportunities.
  • By developing a progressive program for both short and long term growth.
  • Creation of a flexible and innovative program that covers multiple markets and businesses.

A Solid Base for Search

From the start our sites are built from the ground up for Visibility. Factors such as good designs, professional copy and interesting media content are not abandoned just for the sake of superior rankings. Rather, websites that use technologies such as AJAX, Flash/Flex and Silverlight are optimized through programming frameworks created by our SEO engineers and information specialists.

Overcoming the Language Gap

By understanding what your customers speak and search, it is easy to determine the most relevant keywords for your brand. For this we use, tools such as linguistic analysis and profiling, observational mapping, competitive search assessment and keyword score-carding followed by the usage of proprietary tools and different technologies to calculate success and preserve keyword relevance.

Global Presence

With us managing Search Engine Optimization in over 100 countries and 30 languages, we can provide targeted SEO campaigns with regard to each local market for your brand’s multinational presence if it exists, while maintaining the highest international standards.

A Connected Strategy

The more connected the digital marketing strategies, the more beneficial they are. For this we coalesce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Social Media Management (SEM) and various other marketing processes that ensure your customers can easily locate you wherever you are. Our Connected Marketing Platform has the best analytics built-in which can be used to instantly calculate success and boost Return on Investment (ROI).

Where Z Raz Solutions Excels

Z Raz Solutions has been a leading presence in search for well over a decade. We are capable of performing at a large scale, yet flexible enough to evolve and progress further. Under our roof will you find some of the greatest talent and teams that the industry has to offer equipped with the smartest and most advanced technology. With the SEO experience of nearly 2000 websites under our belt and a SEMPO certified team, we can help your brand reach and remain on top of the page.

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