Excellent Communication, In-depth Research and Wits

That’s how Z Raz Solutions ensure the increase in your PR and Social Outreach

Your Products and Services are being talked about this very moment.

Your business is being tweeted about, liked on Facebook, blogged about and being commented on at YouTube right now.

  • Where can all this talk be easily found?
  • How can you remain informed of these discussions?
  • Are you being praised or criticized?

Z Raz Solutions is the answer for we are capable of tracking and monitoring:

  • All social-media activity pertaining to your business.
  • Comments that are replies on existing comments relating to your products.
  • Extensive information from an abundant number of sources from around the internet.

Complex Systems Need Social Media Guidance

An organization that has a multitude of audiences, customers, objectives, goals, and messages and usually consists of thousands of employees and workers is known as a ‘Complex System’. Common examples of Complex Organizations are healthcare companies, public libraries, public transportation departments including airports, government bureaus, and education institutes to name a few. These organizations usually have presence in multiple locations, and a number of different products and/or services. Another thing that these organizations have is an uncoordinated and unorganized social media presence or none at all as getting into it seems extremely intimidating.

As an example of an uncoordinated social media presence, it is commonly found that each branch of a system usually have their own branded Twitter account or Facebook page. These pages are used to promote not only the specific branch, but the whole system. Usually every page of a specific branch contradicts the information provided on the other branch’s page. It’s quite easy to see how this can end up being a significant problem.

Z Raz Solutions has helped numerous companies in systemizing their complex social media strategies.

Use Social Data to Strategize

With In-depth Analysis and Research, Z Raz Solutions can enable your organization to:

  • Acquire broad understanding and planning.
  • Compare your Social Media Status with you competitors.
  • Shed Light on new prospects where your targeted audience is showing interest.
  • Provide consultation on methods to reach and connect with your customer.

Though consulting and strategy are practices that are important in the realm of social media, planning should be the first and foremost priority. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered and factors that need to be considered before a strategy is realized, and one thing that must be kept into consideration is that all these questions and factors are almost always unique to specific systems.

Social Media Strategy FAQ

  • Does every part of your organization require its own presence on Social Media?
  • Will your organization have one presence that will represent all branches?
  • Which Social Media networks should be prioritized?
  • Who will be responsible for coordinating and organizing updates?
  • What are the most relevant topics that interest your audience?
  • Who are your present advocates?
  • What kind of policies should be given consideration?
  • Against whom should your social program be compared against?
  • Apart from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, what other social sites should you consider?
  • In case of a Social Media crisis, how will you handle it?

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