We have developed cost effective custom software for companies ranging from startups to $1 billion corporations.

Our Commitment to Quality and Price is Unmatched

Without any type of deterioration in quality, we are capable of helping you save up to 60% of cost related to your software projects and endeavors. We are able to fulfill this commitment at our US headquarters and design experts located on the East and West coast and with a strategically placed development office with full time developers in one of the most important locations for software development: Bucharest, Romania. This allows us to expertly calculate and optimize costs, maintain quality on our software development services and to follow our customer’s requirements.

Our Company provides all your software development needs under one roof.

Software for Enterprise
Portals and Platforms

Application Development

Application Development

Our Services Include

Analysis and Requirements Definition

UX Design and Prototyping

Software Development

Project Management

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Support and Maintenance


Our software engineers are experts in almost all
languages used for programming and frameworks.

With a staff composed of multiple developers, our team has specialized and mastered skills in Microsoft.Net, Node JS, PHP, Java, Python, Perl, C++, iOS, Android, AngularJS, ReactJS and many others.

Committed Team

At the start of any project, we assemble a team based on your exact needs which is why you will become familiar with them at an earlier point. This, along with direct communication between you and the team will keep feedback instant and its implementation immediate. With no need to focus on other projects, the team is able to provide you service promptly.

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