We help enhance your business with dedicated teams.

Not Clients, rather long term business partners.

Z Raz Solutions is an IT outsourcing company that provides dedicated teams to help business manage their complicated software projects. Our main concern is to build a long lasting outsourcing relationship with our clients. Z Raz Solutions is one of the most reliable and all round provider of complete software development services. We are more than capable of handling end-to-end delivery of mid to large scale, multiplatform and technology projects.

Cost Effective Offshore development teams

Our expertly trained software engineers are located in Romania, one of the best places for offshore software development. They work full-time and are able to invest all their time into your projects.The unmatched expertise of our software engineers, programmers, analysts, and designers along with our software testers, project managers, and marketers are provided according to your specific requirements. You are able to collaborate with Z Raz Solutions to choose people that are most suited to your project.

What are Dedicated Teams?

Employees of a company who focus on only one project at a time along with providing the client full priority and control

Close Collaboration with the Client’s developers, testers and project managers.

We help leading and emerging software companies in the development of high-end IT solutions for their businesses by utilizing our dedicated development teams.

Reason why dedicated teams are the best solutions for your company


  • Time and Resources
  • Costs of hiring in-house teams
  • Overstaffing
  • Workflow Lags


  • Experts on Demand
  • 60% Decrease in Costs
  • Scalable Team
  • Continues, Efficient and Transparent Workflow

Perks of Working with Z Raz Solutions dedicated teams.

  • Be a part of your client’s organizational structure.
  • Depending on the project requirements, enable your client to have a flexible workforce.
  • Complete Control on product development.
  • Fixed Monthly Costs.
  • Benefiting from an Expert of latest technology without hiring a full time individual.
  • Selection of Individual Members.
  • Flexible working hours according to the client’s operations.
  • Efficient and Seamless integration of offshore developers into the team.
  • Retaining of all intellectual property rights.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements and Guaranteed Security

Select the type of service that best suit your needs

Expertise Pool

  • Domain and niche experts engaged on demand.
  • Constant Updates and Implementation of latest technologies.
  • Tackling and Solving of Specific tasks on demand.
  • Technology solutions to business problems.

Service Teams

  • Expertly chosen experts for your specific requirements.
  • In depth understanding of the project requirements.
  • Streamlined Communications
  • Dedicated Working Environment.
  • Team Scalability.
  • Flexible Methodology and Transparent visibility of Project progress.

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