Logo Design

A logo can be described as a symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify itself, its products and services. Hence it is no secret that a good professional looking logo is essential to a business. Global BPO Services design department is capable of tailoring logo designs according to a brands core values and culture. Not only do we take a strategic route to make a unique logo for a company but also make sure that it look beautiful and professional.

Logo Design Process

In order to ensure that ZRAZ Solutions Services provide professional logos,
we follow an in-depth process to design.


We take an exploratory method to help you find the designs that resonates the most with your brand by providing you with nearly 20+ different options to choose from by our designers. We are more than happy to accommodate any logo according to the client’s specific needs also and if a client likes some aspects of one logo and some of the other, our designers are more than capable of creating a hybrid as per your requirement.


With industry leading designers amongst our ranks, ZRAZ Solutions Services is capable of meeting any logo needs of our customers. Our designers sketch by hand different options as per the requirements of our clients in order to provide them with the exact designs that they know will represent their business best.

Internal Review

Being professional is our forte and constructive criticism is our sustenance. Once a logo has been designed,ZRAR Solutions Services enlists the service of all its employees and uses them as extra set of eyes to provide suggestions and criticisms on some aspects. This ensures that only the best and most professional looking designs are provided to our clients.

Client Presentations

ZRAZ Solutions Services appreciates greatly client input which is why proper presentations are assembled with the clients in which the best designs that have been selected are displayed in Monotones (Black & White). Once the design has been finalized, we go back to the design process to tailor the logo according to the needs of the client.


One of the main aspects of a logo is its color scheme or schemes. We do extensive research and experimenting to find the best combinations of colors that represent your business, the message you want to communicate to the customers, your identity and the emotions that those colors represent in order to provide you with the best design possible.

Final Logo

Through extensive research and designing, our team works dedicatedly to make sure all the requirements of the client are met which ensures that the final design perfectly represents the clients business.

Benefits of Logo Design

Updating Your Brand

As the world is rapidly changing, so are the industry trends and styles. This is represented nowhere better than in a company’s logo and how it evolves over the years. No matter how great or big the brand, it is essential that at some point in history, updating and redesigning you logo needs to be an important consideration.ZRAR Solutions Services’ designers are capable of bringing your business’s look into the future.

Modernized Traditions

As the times change, it is essential that company’s main representation, its logo also be modernized without having to sacrifice its traditional components that the customers value. ZRAR Solutions Services provides ideas that are a perfect balance between keeping the essential values of the old logo and blend them in with the new design.

Rebrand Through Redesign

A logo redesign essential means an inherent rebranding of a business. An updated logo can complement the times and bring across messages that the old designs were unable to do so. Your logo is a core identity of your brand which is why ZRAR Solutions Services collaborates and researches to maintain your business’s basic principles while simultaneously providing a refreshing new look.

Improving Brand Growth

Change is an essential part of any business, especially if that business wants to remain relevant in the industry and the times. A simple change in a company’s logo can provide the boost that you need to experience the conversion rates that you know your business deserves. By providing professional designs we ensure that not only brand recognition rises but also that customer and potential customer attention can also be captured.