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Mobile App Design

At ZRAZ Solutions Services we have some of the best and company leading mobile application developers and designers amongst us. We are more than capable of designing applications that not only have the maximum impact but also create demand for your services and business. User Friendliness is our motto when it comes to designing applications for our clients which is why we have extensive planning stages in which even the minutest details regarding the app design are carefully considered which ultimately proves conducive to our clients reaching their business objectives.

User Experience
(UX) Design

The best applications are those that are designed with the users kept in mind and the most professional way to handle any application development is to look at it through the eyes of a user. We at Global BPO Services take this very approach and takes the extra effort to design user centered UX are simplified to provide a user friendly journey to key conversion points. ZRAZ Solutions divides its UX Design as:
• Prototyping and Wire-framing
• Information Architecture
• User Research
• User Flow

User Interface
(UI) Design

Regardless of how useful and full of functions an application is, if its UI is not appealing to the eyes, chances of it getting little to no recognition are far greater than not. Visualization matters intensely when it comes to digital designs and UI is no exceptions, rather an applications UI is the sole responsible for getting potential users to at least try it out once. As they say first impressions are very important and if an application has a downright unappealing and unprofessional design, people are simply not going to consider it especially since there is so much competition in the market.

Not only does ZRAR Solutions Services has some of the best app developers in the industry but we also have dedicated design teams of professionals that are trained in both the visual and coding aesthetics of application development. We hand craft appealing designs for you that help to engage audiences and increase their interactions with your mobile application.

Watch Faces Design

The world has become extremely technologically adept and technologies that were considered revolutionary yesterday are taking a backseat to newer ones. This is quite evident in the rise of Smart-watches which are on their way to stand side by side with the Smart-phones as the epitomes of social and business interaction devices. Many businesses are now also creating applications that are specifically designed for smart-watches in order to ensure that their services and products are only a touch away from their customers and literally on their hands. Global BPO Services application designers are capable of creating appealing and smart designs to for smart-watches that complement you business’s mobile application. Our developers and designers are capable of creating custom applications for:
• Apple Watch
• Android Wear
• Microsoft Band




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