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Our Joomla! developers are highly trained and are experts in the field. From large enterprise projects to small Joomla! sites - we have an array of experience unequalled any other company in the industry.


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Theme Development

We are capable of theming and developing your small or large scale Joomla! Websites and projects.

Joomla! Scalability

Our developers can easily and thoroughly modify, stabilize and optimize your Joomla! Website if it needs to be configured for scalability and optimum performance.

Extension Development and Modification

We are more than able to modify existing or create entirely new extensions catered specifically to your needs.

Maintenance and Support

We make certain that Joomla! is always running on the latest versions and extensions which ensures that your website is secure. Combine this with our continuous support and you have a winning combination with us.

Basic Integration

Joomla! Basic Integrations are used for sites that have a limited selection of pages and extensions. For more information visit Scope or to place orders navigate to our order page.

Website Development

Z RAZ SOLUTIONS can work on anything from small to large custom Joomla! development projects. Please fill in the form to request a quote. The quote for a small-sized project (up to $3,000 in budget) is usually delivered within 1 business day. For mid-size projects (up to $20,000 in budget) is usually delivered within 1-2 business days.

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