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PSD to Wordpress: Full Feature List

All Device and Browser Compatibility

We code your websites to be compatible will all types of browsers, devices and screen sizes.


Our coding essentials include CSS pre-processors. All our projects utilize these essentials and follow the exact requirements of our clients.

Free Advanced Theme Control Panel

This allows a simpler way to manage text and other sections such as logo, favicon, Google Analytics code, sliders, headers, footers sections etc.

User Friendly,Easy to Manage

We ensure to code CMS for WordPress that are easy to add, edit, and delete to regardless if you have any web experience or not.

Latest Wordpress Version

The latest version of WordPress is always used for your websites.

Easy Installation and Upgrading

As we are farsighted in designs, we build themes that are easy to install and upgrade which ensure long term ease for our clients.

HTML Included

HTML pages are provided along with the Theme files.

Widget Ready

WordPress plugins are nothing short of legendary which is why our themes are designed specifically to support many of these including social networking, forums, widgets, spam protection among others.

Custom Post Type Integration

We are capable of creating custom posts that are suited to your site’s goals and style.

Supports Fixed, and Flexible/Fluid Layouts

According to your requirements we are able to create fixed, flexible and fluid layouts.

Multi-Lingual Support

WordPress allows the construction of multilingual sites more easily.

Semantic Coding

he way we code ensures speed and a maximally clean template.

Multiple Frameworks

These include Twitter Boostrap, Less, Fluid Baselin Grid, Boilerplate, Foundationamong others.

SEO Friendly

One of the best features of WordPress themes are not only they are easy to use but also highly effective for SEO which allows easy marketing.

Multilevel dropdown

WordPress menu options allow the easy creation of multilevel dropdown menus.


If you have any concerns or inquires, be assured that our professionals are always present to provide assistance.

Optional Features


Shopping Cart Plugins

Commercial Plugin Implementations

Retina Display Support and Compatibility

MicroFormat/Scehma and Page Speed Optimization

We provide many optional features that could prove highly useful to you such as plugins that allow advanced search, custom forms and member pages.

If you want to use your existing WordPress page as a shopping site or make a new one from scratch, let us be the first to tell you that, first it is very easy and secondly we work with eCommerce and WooCommerce plugins.

We provide commercial plugins ranging from calendars, logins, coting, polling, to Google store locations.

Excellent clarity for retina supported devices which is very important for especially the visually impaired.

We ensure fast user experience by offering 80+ score for your page speed.

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